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2017 Indigenous HR Skill Builder Conference

Event Information
Author pmnationtalk
Start Date/Time 25th Apr Tue AM 9:00 (GMT -6)
End Date/Time 27th Apr Thu PM 5:00 (GMT -6)
Location Winnipeg, MB
Contact Contact
Type Public

2017 Indigenous HR Skill Builder Conference

Register by Feb. 28, 2017 and save 10%!

Conference details:

April 25-27, 2017
Canad Inns Destination Centre Club Regent Casino Hotel
1415 Regent Ave W, Winnipeg, Manitoba

About the event:

Our conference is back for its 7th event! Legacy Bowes Group is pleased to again offer a series of in-depth, “dig deep” human resource workshops where participants can learn key skills and take home practical tools and techniques that can be applied right away. Geared to the unique challenges faced by First Nation and Métis communities, the conference is directed to Band Managers, Administrators and Executive Directors, Chiefs and Councillors, HR Managers, program managers, finance managers, community health professionals, social workers and educational leaders.

This conference includes an intensive, fact filled “Boot Camp” followed by two days packed full of inspiring learning opportunities. We hope to see you there!

Take advantage of our Early Bird Pricing and save 10% off the cost of registration:


Apr. 25, 2017 – HR Bootcamp

Whether you are new to managing people, a seasoned veteran or have some burning questions on the basics, this workshop will explore what you need to cover the essentials. Learn why the first day on the job is key.

Apr. 26, 2017 – Day 1 Workshops, Morning Session

1. Don’t Turn a Deaf Ear! Learn to Manage Difficult Conversations

How many times have you shied away from a difficult conversation or put your comments aside until a more “perfect time”? Or, have you deliberately procrastinated discussing an important and sensitive subject with an employee? While admittedly difficult, as a manager, you need to make these conversations happen!  Take your leadership skills to the next level by attending this workshop and get comfortable with confrontation. Understand how conflict arises and what strategies can effectively confront and diffuse the situation resulting in a win/win solution.

2. You Aren’t Alone! Top Ten Employee Issues and How to Deal With Them

Overwhelmed by inappropriate behavior in the workplace? Just where are employees crossing the line? What are other organizations experiencing? How have these situations been managed? What can you learn from them?  Join this workshop to learn about the top ten HR issues common to Indigenous organizations and what strategies can help you to avoid these pitfalls.

3. A) Effective Meeting Management

It doesn’t take long for a new manager and/or a new Band Councillor to start to hate going to another meeting! On and on they go! In fact, one of the biggest complaints in the workplace is that too much time spent in too many unproductive meetings.  Join this workshop and participate in a mock meeting scenario where you will learn key tactics for making your meeting more effective. Stop wasting time!

3. B) The Word Collaboration Spells Success!

Are funding cuts and fiscal constraint holding you back? If so, the route to success might be collaboration between your First Nation community and your local municipality. Join this workshop to learn about building partnerships and collaborating with your neighbours and why it can work.

4. Is the Social Media Monster Lurking at your work?

Social media is revolutionizing how people interact but it is also causing legal, financial and personnel risks for many First Nation communities and agencies. Not only that, many organizations still do not have a social media policy and are not effectively managing the risks of the wired, wired world.  Join this workshop to learn the benefits and risks of social media and the internet in recruitment and selection, socialization, training, knowledge sharing, branding, problem solving and organization culture change.

Apr. 26, 2017 – Day 1 Workshops, Afternoon Session

5. The Bully and the Bottom Line

Did you know that approximately 30% of your staff has experienced bullying at work? Yet, how many complaints did you receive? Are you aware how employee morale, attendance and productivity can be affected? As a manager, what is your responsibility when you learn about bullying in the workplace? Do you have policies and processes in place to deal with bully behaviour? Attend this workshop to fully examine bullying in the workplace, how to recognize bullying, stop it right at the source and prevent it from impacting employee morale and your bottom line.

6. Workplace Mental Health, Addiction and Psychological Safety

Join this interactive, skills-based workshop to gain knowledge of the concrete steps of successful employee intervention/offer to assist.  Through group facilitation and exercises, participants will gain familiarity with the National Standards on Mental Health, understand the concept of mental health, the signs of possible mental illness in the workplace and a step by step process to address and intervene with struggling employees.

7. The Devil is in the Details – Managing Chronic Absenteeism

Is your organization suffering from chronic absenteeism…those one or two employees who are frustrating management to no end?  Yes, some reasons for absence are valid but usually the chronic abuser gives excuse after excuse after excuse.  So what can you do?  Attend this workshop to learn more about the issue of chronic absenteeism and how to tread carefully as you try to manage the issue.

8. Leading the Leaders: Perfecting your Role as the Band Manager

As Band Councils move toward more strategic roles instead of managing day to day tasks, the role of Band Manager and/or Executive Director becomes even more important. Yet, helping leaders change their way of doing things can be a challenge. Attend this workshop to hear firsthand how you can continue to professionalize your role, build the trust, respect and confidence of your leaders.

Apr. 27, 2017 – Day 2 Workshops, Morning Session

9. When Was The Last Time You Read the Rule Book?

What is the status of your workplace policies? Is there consistency? Are they outdated? Have you been confronted with legal issues from former employees? Is your absentee rate so high that work is not being done? Plan to attend this workshop to learn the what, when, how and why of human resource policies and practices. Return home with a sample HR policy framework and a basic knowledge of why policies are important.

10. A Coaching Approach to Managing Interpersonal Conflict

Does fear of conflict hinder your leadership success? Overcome this fear by becoming self-aware about your own emotions and reaction to others. Master the different conflict styles, conflict triggers and reactions. Learn 5 practical communication techniques to diffuse and manage conflict.

11. That’s Real Life – Challenges and Opportunity

Front line community leaders and politicians deal with a multitude of problems. While they have their own agenda, elected leaders must work closely with their administrative staff to get things done. Attend this panel of leaders to learn what challenges elected leaders experience and what they expect from their administrative staff. Learn how they meet challenges and opportunities head on.  Discover how to gain influence with your Chief and Council and how to become a strategic partner.

12. Leadership Isn’t Just a Word – Be the Leader You Want to Be

Leadership can be read about, leadership can be talked about but the essence of leadership is taking action.  Learn what holds you back from being the leader you want to be and discover the tools that will help you find your Personal Leadership Effectiveness!

Apr. 27, 2017 – Day 2 Workshops, Afternoon Session

13. Straight Talk – Communicating Effectively

In a perfect world, everyone would be good tempered, listen carefully and be accountable for their actions.  Although the world does not always seem perfect, we do have the opportunity to build effective relationships with others and communicate confidently.  At work it is important to communicate with others and relate in a way that helps us develop productive working relationships with coworkers and clients.  This means thinking about how to talk to someone in a way that is effective for them, getting the message understood and the job done, while managing ourselves and our behavior.  Through exercises, strategies and tips, you’ll consider approaches to support clear, assertive and productive interactions.  You will also explore three key behaviors for creating the relationships and outcomes you want at work and at home:  Connect | Evolve | Resolve

14. Financial Boot Camp for Program Managers

Having influence at the Council table requires HR professionals to understand the basics of financial management and how dollars and cents impacts human resources and your organization as a whole.  The big picture includes revenue, expenses, grants, project funding and reporting all impact your department. Attend this workshop to gain the basic business smarts needed to move from “fluff” to being a true business partner.

15. Avoid a Wiki-Leaks Crisis – Protect your Information!

No one wants their private information circulating in the community or heaven forbid, released through Wiki-leaks. However, many communities and agencies have simply not been paying enough attention to the security of information. With human resource information becoming more complex and regulated than ever before, managers need to start paying attention. Attend this workshop to learn just what kind of information management systems and policies are needed to the safety of both business and private information. What steps need to be taken to retain, access and secure employee information?

16. Coaching Your Team to Success

Your job as a manager/supervisor is to inspire, encourage and reward your employees for success.  This means creating a coaching culture.   Did you know that research shows organizations with a coaching culture achieve superior organizational and financial results?  Wouldn’t you like your organization to be one of the successes?  Join this workshop to learn the value of coaching conversations and strategies for coaching your team.

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